Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Top Products for Living a Long Life at Home: the Seated Shower

I’ve found another have-to-have product for a long, safe life at home—the American Standard Seated Shower.

When you see the Seated Shower, you wonder why no one has created anything like it before.  Why? Because it takes the all the thinking out of retrofitting a shower for a senior who wants to live a long, happy life at home.  It’s a simple, one piece solution that looks beautiful too.  And, you can enjoy it at any age.

I know – I’m getting all excited about this and I haven’t even told you what it is.  Here goes: the new American Standard Seated Shower fits in the space of a standard bathtub. Its built-in, full-sized, chair-height seat is perfect for anyone who has difficulty standing in the shower—or women who’d prefer to sit as they shave their legs. And if someone doesn’t want to sit, there’s plenty of room to stand too.

Because the shower is completely open on one side and has a low 3” threshold, a senior can transfer in and out of the shower easily. Built right into the shower is a wrap-around grab bar. It blends seamlessly into the background, but when your loved one needs a little help, it’s right there for them.  And so the senior can keep their soap and shampoo close by, there’s an accessory ledge.

Of course, because we all like a little customization, it’s available in white or biscuit, and left or right hand configurations.  Add a traditional shower curtain or shower doors so you can create just the look and feel you want.  Options to finish it off include tile pattern or flat acrylic wall surrounds, a 24” Chrome ADA compliant grab bar and a hand-shower glide bar. 

There you have it.  Bathroom remodeling for the senior in a box!  And the big bonus: it’s quick to install. At 1 Call Bath Solutions we can install it in just two days. 

Tell me about your finds.  What products do you recommend to seniors who want to live a long life at home?  I’d like to add them to the list.

Bye for now……George Flowers.

By the way if you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware, please contact us for a free in-home consultation—we’ll let you know if your loved one is safe and what we recommend. 


  1. how cool is this! I could have sold this numerous times when selling new condos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. If we don't live in one of those states, is there a solution for this issue. I am in CA,

  3. Hi Maggie--of course there is a solution if you live in California. You can call most home modification companies and tell them you want the American Standard Seated Shower System. If you contact me at once I find out where you live, I will see if there is an AIP near you.

  4. If one is seated on the built-in chair, how does the water get turned on/off, or the temperature regulated? That's why lots of us like the kind of chair that is movable, or a shower head that is mounted with the control features on the side wall. This stuff makes a lot more sense if you LIVE it, rather than just design it and sell it.

  5. Lauri:

    Thanks for your question. When you install the seated shower, your installer should put the shower controls within easy reach for the person sitting on the seat. You're right -- in this picture they are not in a convenient spot.

  6. This shower system represents another missed oportunity as far as what I see.The tripping hazzard is well represented here.The shower space should always be kept clear for the possibility that a shower chair may need to fit inside the shower space.The built in seats take up valuable space. A tip up seat that can get out of the way when not needed is the best solution in my opinion. With this bathroom the area directly in front of this system should have been incorpoated into the shower area. It looks as though it could have been easily a larger 5 foot by 5 foot shower area. I've been building curbless showers for many years and have always opted to use the full potential of the room to create a larger shower. If one of the goals of a bathroom remodel project is to create more workable space then these units miss the mark.