Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bathroom Remodeling for Every Budget for Seniors

If you have a senior you care for who’s still using a bathroom designed for the person who never ages, it’s time to remodel for safety so they can live a long, happy life at home.  Whether your budget is tight, moderate or generous, you can make some worthwhile improvements.

Bathroom Modifications on a Tight Budget

If your budget is constrained, you want to convert the existing toilet, bath and shower so they’re easier and safer to use, while adding safety accessories where necessary.

  • Grab bars are a non-negotiable safety solution no matter the size of your budget. They can prevent life-changing (or life-ending) falls.
  • Non-slip mats or non-slip strips in the bath and shower provide traction when it’s needed.
  • The toilet seat elevator helps you convert the existing toilet into a comfort-height toilet.  It fits between the current toilet and toilet seat.
  • A shower chair and adjustable shower head provide safe, comfortable solution for showering.
  • A tub cut can transform your existing bathtub into a walk-in tub.

Bathroom Modifications on a Moderate Budget

If your budget is a little more expansive, you probably want to address safety issues while maintaining a seamless design.  In other words, you want universal design.  Of course, you still need to start with the basics – grab bars and non-slip mats – but you can go beyond that.
Bathroom Modifications on a Generous Budget
I know most people don’t have a boundless budget, but even if you don’t, you can treat your loved one to one luxurious, but oh-so practical idea from this list.
  • The walk-in tub provides the ultimate home-spa experience with a bundle of practical side benefits – walk-in safety, a comfortable 17” high seat, therapeutic warmth and hydro-massage for aching muscles.
  • A walk-in shower brings that seamless, contemporary look to the bathroom and makes it easy to get in or out of the shower--whether on two feet or four wheels. 
  • Prevent falls with the beauty of textured, non-slip tiles on the bathroom floor. 
  • If the senior you love has difficulty getting on and off the toilet, treat them to a Tush-Push toilet seat.  It’ll give them a boost when they need it, so they can regain their independence.
So whatever your budget, there are bathroom solutions that help keep seniors safe and happy in their homes.
Bye for now …..George Flowers.
P.S. If you live in Southern New Jersey, the Philadelphia, PA area or Delaware and would like help assessing the safety of your home or the home of a senior you care for, please sign up for a free in-home consultation or call 1-877-426-8466 now.  I’d love to talk with you and help you out.
Tell us about your experiences with products I have mentioned.
What product do you recommend to help keep seniors safe at home?

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