Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Four Practical and Fun Holiday Gifts for Seniors

The season of gift giving has arrived.  And if you have seniors in your life, you’re likely in a bit of a quandary.  After all, over the years they’ve accumulated all the goodies they need--and more!  They’re now in downsizing mode and, hopefully, de-cluttering their home.  So why would you want to buy them more stuff?

It’s time to think practically and to give gifts that will help to keep your Mom, Dad, favorite Aunt, or that special person you care for, safe and make life a little easier.  Here are four suggestions.

Give a Grab Bar

Grab bars can be life savers when installed in and around a shower, bath and toilet. Since they are gifts, you want them to be fun. Choose a color that matches the bathroom decor, or a finish that blends with the bathroom décor such as bushed nickel, polished chrome, brass or oil rubbed bronze.   To assure safety, Include professional installation as part of the gift.
Buy a Bidet Toilet Seat

Here’s a little luxury that Europeans and Asians have enjoyed for years. While we know the best way to clean ourselves is with water, in the U.S. we mostly use dry toilet paper for our most private areas. The bidet toilet seat replaces the standard toilet seat and helps you clean up the way nature intended—with water.  There’s also an air dryer, and here’s the fun bonus…. it warms your buns!  For some it’s a little luxury, but for some seniors it’s a gift of independence.

How about a Heat Lamp?

No one likes the chill in the bathroom after a soothing, warm bath or shower.  And if the senior you care for has a walk-in bath, even if it drains super-fast, they will appreciate a little added warmth while they wait to step out.  So give the glow of a heat lamp.  It can warm up the entire bathroom and take the edge off when your loved one emerges from the shower or bath, dripping wet and unclothed.

The Luxury of a Lift

A senior may yearn for the relaxation of a bath, but never take one because they fear falling.  A bath lift can trounce the terror and bring back the soothing experience of warm, buoyant water. A bath lift can safely take a mobility impaired person from 17” to 2.5”—and that’s all they might need to rediscover a simple pleasure that many of us take for granted.

Bye for now …………………….George Flowers

P.S.  If you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware, please contact us for a free in-home consultation—we’ll let you know if your loved one is safe and what we recommend.  Or call us now at 1-877-426-8466.

Have you had any experiences with any of these products?  Has it helped seniors you care for?

Do you have any creative ideas for presents for seniors?

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