Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Walk In Tub One of the Top Products to Make Long Life at Home Easier

In my last blog post in this series I told you about my quest to help people live long, healthy lives at home.  So I’m always looking for products that help them live happily and safely in their homes. Last time I talked about the portable shower

Another product that’s on the top of my list, and should be included in any bathroom remodeling project for senior citizens who want to live a long life at home, is the Jacuzzi walk in bath tub.  Not only does the walk in bath tub provide a warm, relaxing, and luxurious in-home spa experience, but it’s also safe, accessible, therapeutic, and health-promoting. 

Obviously this product is much safer than a standard bath tub because you can walk in and sit on a 17” high seat.  But what about the health benefits?  Here goes.

Get Some Zzzz’s

We’ve all seen Grandma taking an afternoon nap in her favorite arm chair. You might think she sleeps more than the rest of us.  But she doesn’t.  Nighttime and sleep just don’t seem to go together as well as they use to. 

According to The Department of Psychiatry, University of California older adults’ ”sleep is disrupted by circadian rhythm changes, disorders such as sleep disordered breathing (apnea) and periodic limb movements in sleep (PLMS), medical illness, psychiatric illness, medication use, and poor sleep habits.”

So what’s an older person to do if they don’t want to pop pills?   Take a soothing, hot bath.  The hot water elevates the body's temperature and when you get out of the bath, the circulation and warmth along with the cooling off naturally helps you to relax.  No more tossing and turning, just sweet dreams.

Loosen those Muscles

As we age, old injuries manifest themselves in new ways, and we no longer bounce back from new injuries.  To boost the healing process, simply turn on the jets in a walk in bath tub for a soothing hydro-massage of muscles, joints and pressure points.  Muscles loosen up and pain melts away.

Relieve Arthritis Pain

When you immerse yourself in your bath tub’s warm, soothing water, your body is buoyant.  Your joints can move freely without pain or pressure.  According to The Arthritis Foundation, regular sessions in the tub “help keep joints moving. It restores and preserves strength and flexibility, and also protects your joints from further damage.”

Please help me to create a comprehensive list of the best products for living a long life at home.

Goodbye for now….George Flowers

What products or services do you recommend for living a long, safe life at home?

What successful experiences have you had with hydrotherapy?

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