Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Top Products to Make a Long Life at Home Easier: Tub Cuts

The hunt continues for the top products to keep seniors living happy, healthy lives at home. 

To understand why I think today’s featured product is among the best, I want you to imagine it’s a steamy August day. You’re hot and sticky and ready to cool off in a refreshing shower. But you can’t. There’s a barricade between you and the shower. 

Or think about one of those days when your muscles are in knots and your bones feel creaky.  You long for a soothing, hot bath, but access is impossible.

This is how some seniors feel when they want to take a bath or shower. The side of the bath, while less than two-feet high, becomes a formidable barrier. And it’s something they absolutely should be concerned about because, as I’ve said before, almost 22 million injuries occur in the bathroom each year, and getting in and out of the bath tub is one of the most hazardous activities.

For many seniors with arthritis, back problems, or any condition that affects their mobility, stepping over a high bath wall to get into the bath tub without help is out of the question.  Even with assistance to help them over this hurdle it may not be possible.  So these seniors can’t do or have great difficulty doing what most of us take for granted--taking a bath or shower.

That’s why I love tub cuts. They’re the economical answer to taking a bath or shower safely.  There’s no need to turn your bathroom into a construction zone to rip out your tub. You don’t have to raid you savings account to replace your current bath tub with a walk-in tub

Simply have a bathroom remodeling company come over and cut an opening in your bath-tub’s wall and add an insert that reduces the step into the tub by almost 9 inches. That’s a tub cut. 

Suddenly a hazardous bath tub is transformed into a safe walk in shower.  Add a water tight door and now you have an accessible bath--something I highly recommend for a senior who wants to melt away the aches and pains in a relaxing, warm bath.

Goodbye for now….George Flowers

What products would you like to nominate as the best to make a long life at home easier?

Have you had any good experiences with tub cuts? Let us know about them.

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